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Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox

Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox

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The Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox employs the umbrella-shaped design, comes with translucent cloth, grid covered over the front, and can be used as a softbox with grid, a portable reflector, and honeycomb. The multifunctional softbox makes the light source appear bigger and softer in relation to the subject.

The most common softbox is the softbox with a grid which allows light shining through the grid to create tight light beam. AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox looks like a honeycomb and gives the photographer a little more control over the light with a narrower focus on the subject and less spillage on the background, making it a good fit for professional advertising and portrait shooting.

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