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Thế nào là tối ưu google quá mức đến mức bị phạt vì spam

All webmasters know that in order for their websites to be more visible and accessible, they should use Search Engine Optimizers so that their web content can easily be indexed and served by search engines in their Search Engine Results Pages. However, going beyond the line, and over-optimizing your website can me considered as a malpractice by search engines and other web users.


Search Engine Over-Optimization is the use of too many SEO tools to improve and boost your rankings. Using too much SEO improvements might cause the ruin of the ability of your website to rank. Indeed there are many methods to boost your SERP rankings but too much of anything, can be bad.


The desire to be on the top rankings of search engines’ results has been the cause of many websites resulting to using different SEO optimization techniques that can be considered malpractice by Search engines and other web users. Search engines, like Google, have set up some parameters that prohibit the over-optimized websites from appearing to the rankings at all. This reaction of search engines can be easily understood by knowing the fact that there are indeed many tricks that can be done with SEO tools in order to appear on higher rankings on search engines. With this tricks, then the returned results of the search engines may not be valid at all. Search engines may deliver results that are irrelevant and unreliable and might cause a bad image to their search engine.


According to company provides best SEM services, over optimizing your websites will cause search engines to put a penalty upon your website. Your site can be penalized to be temporarily or permanently banned, or demoted from SERP depending on the offense that you have done in over-optimizing your website or blog. Search engines have to protect their credibility and so, they have provided penalties for those who are not doing it fairly in the attempt to “level the playing field.”

The things that are most commonly watched and regulated by search engines are the relevance of the websites and their web contents that appear on the SERP, and how webmasters use SEO to optimize their websites, whether if they are abusing it, since many webmasters who are SEO experts sometimes go too far in doing the optimization of their websites in their struggle for higher SERP rankings. This is why there are many things to consider when optimizing your websites. What you should do is avoid the features of an over optimized website like keyword stuffing, overly lengthy and keyword rich URL strings, irrelevant and low quality back links, and overly SEO’d content which is not entirely the focus of your web content. These common features of an over-optimized website are the most basic things to look out for and at the same time, the easiest to prevent.


At the end of the day, the optimization of your website fully depends on how you use your SEO tools whether responsibly or not. What you should remember is that there are penalties for misusing and abusing the Search Engine Optimization tools that you are utilizing for the betterment of your website and that there are many factors to consider when doing your optimization. SEO tools are provided for the promotion of your websites into different Search Engines so you should also know what particular SEO tools to use, and how Search Engines will take them into account. Use your optimization wisely and never go beyond the focus of your web content, otherwise, you are only pursuing a way to ruin your rankings

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