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Jquery hiển thị chuyển đội các loại tiền tệ

money.js is a lightweight ( < 1kb) standalone javascript currency conversion library. If you are building an e-commerce website, this javascript would able to help you to convert your product prices to other currency. You can convert the currency based on the data from the Open Source Exchange Rates API project, or you can also setup your own data source easily.

A few notes about the Open Source Exchange Rates API. This API is powered by a simple nodeJS scraper and Github. Every hour, Currency Bot collects all the exchange rates from various reliable providers with public-facing APIS, then pushes them in JSON format to a public GitHub code repository for everybody to use.


  • Lightweight, less than 1 kb
  • No dependencies, standalone javascript
  • Support Open Source Exchange Rates API or local data source
  • it works as a NodeJS/CJS and RequireJS/AMD module
  • Documentation and support.





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