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Freebie: 100 Awesome App Icons - 100 mẫu app icon miễn phí

This free set of icons is useful to have around for when you're designing the user interfaces of web applications, mobile apps, e-commerce sites, and other interactive digital products.

This freebie contains symbols for common user-interface actions such as "mark as favorite", "upload", "share", "info", and more.

There are 100 unique icons in this set, and each one is available in both PNG and SVG image formats.

All of the PNGs and SVGs are losslessly optimized in order to reduce their file sizes, ensuring excellent front-end performance without losing image-quality.

This freebie was created exclusively for Six Revisions readers by Freepik.

You can use these icons as part of your commercial projects (websites, blogs, web/mobile apps, e-commerce sites, desktop software, etc.). No attribution is required. However, you cannot sell, bundle, or redistribute the contents of this freebie in whole or in part.

Download 100 Awesome App Icons

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