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Công cụ SEO miễn phí tăng lượt truy cập, Page Views, page rank ...linkcollider.com

   Hôm nay lang thang trên diễn đàn SEO thấy được trang này ! Nên chia sẻ lại cho các bạn chưa biết !

Đây là 1 trang rất hữu ích giúp bạn kiếm lượt truy cập, tập trung page view vào 1 trang nhầm tăng rank và từ khóa đó.

Link Collider

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Trang rất nhiều chức năng mình ko thể hưởng dẫn hết ! Các bạn đăng ký thành viên và tìm hiểu thêm !

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Why Use Link Collider?

  1. Page Views - Increasing your page views, is increasing your site's worth. How? Of course, advertisers mostly want to advertise to a website which has a high traffic. Also, in order to be qualified for a online advertising network (e.g. BuySellAds.com) which require you first to have a thousands of impression or page views.
  2. No Proxy Server - Your websites will get a true viewers / traffic with a unique and true IP addresses from LC's community all over the world. No more proxy server nor bots.
  3. No Traces - LC will erase all possible traces that your traffic / page views, backlinks, shares, followers, and tweets are comming from us.
  4. Backlinks - Probably the most popular way to increase your search engines visibility, but also often the most expensive. But in LC, you don't even need to pay any penny to have backlinks. Depending on your websites description, we guarantee a 70% that your page will be indexed by Google and your backlinks will stay forever.
  5. Article Creation - No need to have a blog in order to create an article about your websites. In LC, you can create your site's article directly from your LC's account for free with a bonus high PR backlinks.
  6. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest - As part of our SEO services, we also include exchanging social media benefits such as Sharing, Following, Blog Posting, and Tweeting. This will help each other sites to be known to public in a effective way.
  7. Online Directories - A Online Directory is a kind of yellow pages in internet. Mostly use to index the most important websites around the world. And Yes!, LC collected the most popular Online Directories for you. And LC can automatically submit your websites to them with just one click.
  8. Drop my link - Forget about thinking of where you can post your link to have a additional backlinks and viewers. LC's Drop my link will help you to find the right website where you can post your link with ease.
  9. Word Swapper - Most people just do plaigarism in order to populate their blogs, but did you know it's bad for your site's SEO? Because Search Engines do check the uniqueness of an article or website based on it's content and date. In LC, we provide a tool that can make any article unique by using our Word Swapper.
  10. Easy Website Sharing - Every member has own personal LC page where all your sites are listed. And you may easily share, post, tweet, and plus your websites with just two clicks in over 6 top social media sites.
  11. Website Optimization - Based on countless web programmers, SEO blogs, and Google HTML content guide. We came up to these Top 10 SEO Rules for search engines visibility.
  12. Free - We accept any amount of Donations.
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