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20 mẫu website về photography cho studio hoặc cá nhân

20 mẫu website về photography cho studio hoặc cá nhân miễn phí download ! www.onb.vn ! dịch vụ miễn phí cho mọi người

Get ready to explore some of the best and most beautiful free photography website templates. These will help you build a portfolio website in a snap. While you already spend a ton of time taking pictures and editing them, the last thing you need is to spend additional who-knows-how-many hours on putting together the ideal site. To have a photography website ready and live as quickly as possible, pick a template. Edit and modify it per your requests and likings and you are short moments away from the launch.

If you would like to expand your clientele and promote your photo work, take to your advantage free photography website templates. It does not matter if you are a lifestyle, landscape, wedding, fashion or food photographer, these templates are versatile enough to adapt to any niche. They are all responsive to make your images fluently and beautifully appear on any device. From portfolios and blogs, even online resumes, you can craft whatever type of page with these templates for photography websites.

Now is the right time to start constructing a page for all your photo masterpieces. Look no further, choose the product you dig the most and push your work. Others will notice your creativity and the rest is history. If that was something on your to-do list up until this point, make it happen once and for all.

Whenever you feel it is necessary, step up your portfolio website with premium photography website templates. There are no limitations other than your imagination when it comes to pro site building tools. But the free versions you find here might be enough to last you forever.


glint free photography website template
Glint is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated free website template which will give your photographies a whole new meaning. It is ideal for agencies, photographers and other creative individuals who would like to share their amazing work with the online world. It is responsive and retina ready tool which turns you into a professional site builder even if you are not one. With great animations, functional contact form and an elegant portfolio section, Glint does not give a feeling that it is actually a free template.

While many will use it out of the box, you should still be aware of the clean and organized code Glint is built on. Meaning, customizing and adding personal touches to it will be easy as pie. It also means that you should not feel in any way restricted and this applies to all other free photography website templates, too.

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yummy free photography website template
Yummy is a delicious website template for food bloggers but with a tweak here and a tweak there, it can be suitable for any other niche as well. However, for whatever industry and business you use it, Yummy can act as a lovely free photography website template. With a full-width slider and main focus on your content, your pictures will stand out and grab the attention of hungry eyes.

Yummy also comes with a full-width Instagram feed to add more photo material to your website. In addition, you will also find social icons, newsletter widget, hover effects and a contact page with integrated Google Maps and working contact-me form. Your beautiful creations will appear even more eye catching on a website that uses Yummy template.

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Go Crepe

go crepe free photography website template
Go Crepe is a vibrant free photography website template with a tasty name. I could stop here and leave you with the live preview to further examine it on your own because we all know how much fun it is. However, I will continue at the same pace as usual. For photographers and photography agencies, Go Crepe is a fantastic template to build a website with. While it keeps things simple, at the same time, Go Crepe provides enough features to highlight your work and projects in an expert way. A bit of simplicity mixed with complexity is all you need sometimes.

Tell your story, share your skills and experience, display your work with a slider and catch everyone’s emails with a cool newsletter subscription box. Moreover, showcase your past and present clients’ logos, add your contact details and link your website to your social accounts.

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focus free photography website template
Focus focuses on showcasing your incredible photographies in an outstanding portfolio which visitors are treated with the first thing they land on your website. Great animations and random photo changing with awesome transitions make your website appear more dynamic. There is always something going on on your website even if guests do nothing. Not even scroll.

With a free HTML5 photography website template like Focus is, bring about a superb online home for your images. If you are a freelance photographer, do not forget to fill the “Our Services” section, add “Fun Facts” and benefit from the included contact page. The latter has integrated Google Maps, contact form and a place for your full address. If you are an agency, adding a location might be a necessity.

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blend free photography website template
Agencies and creative individuals, you are in for a sweet treat that you will construct beautiful websites with. Here is Blend, a free photography website template with which you will easily differentiate yourself from the competition. The template’s structure is slightly different compared to what we are used to. Sometimes, you simply need to avoid the classic top menu and add it in a sidebar.

Other than the menu, Blend has a big portfolio section which takes visitors to different albums where they can learn more about your works. Services, testimonials, animated stats, about and contact pages, these are all part of the jaw-dropping free template, Blend. While homepage provides a quick information about what you do, go in-depth with the about page and tell what you and your team of photographers excel at.

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opiami free photography website template
As a template for everyone in the photography field who is not a hobbyist anymore, Opiami is a great tool to help you with your online appearance. Free does not always mean it lacks features and the design is poor. Well, if it does, it surely will not happen with any of the free photography website templates you find in this collection. All are top-notch, looking more premium than free and Opiami is no different. If you are ready and set to proceed, download the template and turn it into a fully working and functional website rich with your photo content.

With the drop-down navigation, you can give everyone a chance to get to the desired content quickly without jumping back and forth and wasting too much time. You need to take care of fantastic user experience and with Opiami, you will not have a problem delivering the best of the best. From navigation, users can explore your website and enjoy your visuals and hire you to take care of their next project.

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epic free photography website template
Epic is a clean, minimal and straightforward Bootstrap portfolio template for photographers and agencies who would like to push their pictures and creations. It is portfolio first and all the rest comes second. With Epic, your website will be epically beautiful, period.

The homepage is basically a marvelous portfolio that promotes your categories in an original way. Each category opens in a new page where you can further tell about what it is all about and even share the entire process. But write about yourself on the About Me page and persuade those in need of a photographer. Other than that, Epic comes with social buttons and that is essentially it. A simple and to the point template if you will.

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aside free photography website template
Aside is another terrific free photography website template with a distinct look. Displaying your image content becomes a breeze with Aside template. It comes perfect for both individuals and agencies who are in need to create a contemporary website that uses all the latest technologies and follow the modern web trends. Aside is based on Bootstrap 4 what makes it responsive and ready for all the high-tech screens. It fluently adapts to any device to ensure great browsing experience from smartphones and tablets, too.

If you are in need of a free multi-page portfolio template, Aside is the answer to all of your questions. Key features of this stylish tool are hover animations, sticky sidebar, functional contact form and owl carousel. No need to be wasting any more time, start building with Aside today.

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titan free photography website template
You will be amazed by the fact that Titan one- and multi-page template is free. With 90 HTML files, seven predefined demos and ten header styles, Titan truly is an inspiring HTML5 and Bootstrap item for building gorgeous websites. And there is an entire demo ready for portfolio websites which you can use straight away. It is so pretty you will not even want to do any customization other than adding your logo, texts and pictures. That is how Titan template rolls. It is its intent to deliver the most amazing features and the greatest UX for everyone to enjoy checking your portfolio.

Titan is easy to customize and manage due to the clean code and extra documentation. You can even introduce a blog section to it and use it as content marketing. There are all these cool things which you can do with Titan that you and your users will love.

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snow free photography website template
Snow is a light and minimal free Bootstrap portfolio template which will bring your skills and service to an entirely new level. Your agency’s portfolio will shine with a vibrant light, grabbing the attention of potential clients. Any creative agency, including photogrpahy, can benefit from Snow’s web design and conveniency.

Everyone who comes to your Snow template powered website will be moved the moment it loads. You do not even have to do much regarding the design and have everyone amazed. Just add your photographies and you are good to go. Snow is optimized for search engines, has a great sense for typography and is cross-browser compatible. Several jQuery plugins are integrated into the template for you to put them to use. For modifications, Snow comes with a user friendly and well commented code.

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click free photography website template
If you haven’t yet find what you are looking for in this collection of the best free photography website templates, this might change right now. Click is a very minimal, yet powerful, template for all your superb photography websites. The main focus of Click template are, indeed, your images. With this one-page template, you can showcase your work in a full-screen view with a cool sidebar navigation. For an even better experience, jQuery and CSS3 animations will do their thing.

Guests can pick the picture they want to see from the sidebar menu and then close the navigation to examine the image in great detail. Needless to say, although Click template is very basic, its unique web design will help you stand out from the crowd easily.

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photographer free photography website template
Photographer is unquestionably one of the best free photography website templates out there. It is an elegant, stylish, modern and stunning tool for developing professional photo websites. Use it for personal or commercial sites but keep the credits. Upon the download, you will see how easy and simple it is to use Photographer.

Freelance and professional photographers in all fields will be hooked on Photographer template. The menu hides so an experience browsing through photographies is always without distractions. Front page treats everyone with a full-screen slider with a button to open the sidebar menu section. Two more incredible features of Photographer template are works and gallery pages but it is best to see them for yourself. If you are in to create something special, now you know where to start.

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Photographer Plus

photographer plus free photography website template
SEO friendly, responsive and packed with great effects and animations, Photographer Plus is a one-page free photography website template for your sensational images. However, although there are many features that Photographer Plus comes with, it still does not overwhelm the visitor. After all, it is your work what they must see first and be intrigued by.

Photographer Plus is an easy to use template for everyone to get a chance to take it to their advantage. Changing texts and images, as well as other elements, is feels as comfortable as saying ABC. Turn Photographer Plus free template into a magnificent website for your photo creations. Use it for your personal project or for your client’s photo agency. With Photographer Plus’ dedicated focus on usage and UX, you can expect new business deals coming in regularly.

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savory free photography website template
More goodies for all the enthusiastic food bloggers out there. But to be entirely frank with you, when you go with Savory free HTML5 portfolio template, you will soon find out how easy it is to modify it and tailor it to a totally different niche. If you like the layout, there is no need for you to be a food photographer to use it. You can be a travel, wedding, lifestyle and fashion photographer and still greatly benefit from Savory.

Savory is fresh and refined multi-page photography website template that helps everyone new in the website building space to make the wanted site. Even if you already own a page but a redesign is much-needed, select Savory and refresh your online appearance. Returning visitors will be impressed by the new look and instantly become hungry for more. As for the new guests, well, they will be left in amazement for hours to come.

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profile free photography website template
Show the world what your expertise is and advertise your skills and experience with a wider audience by creating yourself a portfolio website. If you are a photographer, free Bootstrap portfolio and resume template, Profile, will be of great use for you. With a one-page website you are about to create with Profile, you can persuade potential new clients to work with you without a question. It is all possible with a professional online presence that you can craft for yourself.

Parallax scrolling effect, animations, timeline, great portfolio section and a back to top button are just a few of the features that you get with Profile. You can now put together a photography portfolio with barely any coding and design knowledge.

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lens free photography website template
Lens free photography website template does not hide anything. It goes straight to the point with your works and projects, showcasing them in a one-of-a-kind way. On one hand, the layout of Lens is very simple, however, on the other hand, it is very innovative and creative. It is a portfolio-like template that goes entirely against the grain to what you are used to. Full-screen image with the ability to show or hide right sidebar menu. Along with the name/title, short text, social media and contact icons and portfolio, Lens is keeping things as simple as possible. No need for you to be reinventing the wheel when there are so many free templates available for all types of photography websites. Opt for the one you fancy most and bring your creative work to new heights.

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multiverse free photography website template
Multiverse is an original full-screen free portfolio HTML5 website template. If you are in need of a quick solution, then choosing one from our list of free photography website templates is your best approach. Or even if you would just like to test the waters, there is no need to spend any of your budget.

Since an image is worth more than a thousand words, and you do not feel like going in-depth with texts, Multiverse is the product which will do you good. Other than a short about us section with social media and a working contact form, Multiverse template was built solely to bring in front your photographies. Little text, zero interruptions, just the visuals.

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photo folio free photography website template
Sharing your works online with a professional photo website is as shooting fish in a barrel. All you need is a solid free photography website template and you are closer than you have ever been to launching your first website. And if you only need a redesign, it will be even quicker and simpler since you know the process already. Whatever you need a free template for, kick it off with Photo.Folio.

Photo.Folio’s cornerstone is the gorgeous gallery section but the first impression about your work visitors will get on the homepage. Right below the big header, there is a section for recent photos which change on hover. Your online presentation just got sorted altogether with Photo.Folio template. Either use it as is or customize the template per your needs. Due to the expert and organized coding, it will be easy to modify it.

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katrin free photography website template
A free HTML5 tool for bringing into being photo websites of all niches and industries. Here is Katrin. It is versatile enough to adapt to any creative individual that does work in, for instance, food, travel, fashion and wedding industries. Create a rich portfolio with terrific projects you worked on to show everyone that you are a real deal. Your website will be responsive, immediately adapting to any device smoothly for fantastic user experience. Undoubtedly, your visitors will be exposed to high quality web design and even more superb pictures.

As for you, the photo website building tool that we can simply call, Katrin, is well-coded for simple and effortless refinement. You can use it for an agency website or as an advanced online resume. Besides, you can also start a blog, publishing compelling articles and giving a behind the scenes look at your work.

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Photography Site

photography site free photography website template
Do I even need to say anything? Indeed, Photography Site is a template for any kind of portfolio and photo website creation. Home page treats visitors with a clever timeline which allows all types of content, photo, video and text.

Display pictures from the latest photo shoot, add inspirational quotes or show a behind the scenes video. You can do it all effortlessly with Photography Site free HTML5 template. In addition, the template comes with four more pages to expand your website with about, gallery, video and contact sections.

Back to top button, functional contact form, Google Maps integration and a nice selection of colors, Photography Site knows how to help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

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It is now time to dominate the industry with any of the free photography website templates you find in this collection. Pick one and use it to its extent. Before you know it, you will have a spectacular photo website ready and live. Get your work known amongst the online audience once and for all. New business opportunities lie ahead.

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