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10 website tạo ảnh động miễn phí online Gif Animation Tool

Here we’ve compiled a list of websites that allow you to create an animated GIF online, easily and for free. All you need to do is get your images (or photos) prepared, upload them, do a little bit of customization (if you want), hit the generate button and off you go. Take a look and have fun in creating your own animated GIFs.

1. Loogix

To use this site, you’d need at least 3 images to make a GIF. However, you can always add more as it allows for up to 10 images to be uploaded. It supports 5 different frame speeds as well. In addition to regular GIF creation, Loogix allows for optional effects such as Blur, Guggle or Motley to be applied to the animated GIF.

Other service(s) include:


2. Picasion

Picasion is quite similar to Loogix in the way it operates, though the look of the site is slightly different. In addition to uploading your images via your desktop, this site allows you to import photos from Flickr or from a Picasa web album, if you like.

Other service(s) include:


3. Gickr

In the same way as the others, Gickr also lets you upload a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 images for your GIF creation process. What makes this different is that you can create not only custom GIF sizes but also custom speeds (for up to 10 seconds) for your animated GIFs. Gickr also supports the importing of images from Flickr and Picasa.


4. MakeaGIF

Sometimes it could take awhile for your images to upload onto one of these GIF making sites, makeagif.com makes this process a lot easier. You can select multiple photos by simply holding the control or command key. This particular service also has a gallery of funny animated GIFs that you should definitely check out too.

Other service(s) include:


5. GIFMaker.me

GIFmaker.me is a handy site for creating GIFs as it supports images in GIF, JPG and PNG format. It comes with a scrolling panel that gives you better control over the animated GIF’s canvas size and the animation speed too. Best of all, it comes with a preview panel so you can get an idea of how the animated GIF looks like before you give it the go ahead.

Other service(s) include:


6. ImgFlip

Imgflip is another site that can help you create GIFs and it supports JPG, PNG and GIF formats. It uses a simple scroll panel to allow you to control your GIF’s delay time, width, height and quality as well. You can drag images onto the site and rearrange the sequence before creating your final product making this quite user-friendly. However, the GIFs created come with a subtle imgflip.com watermark, which can only be removed with a pro account.

Other service(s) include:


7. GIFPal

GIFPal is a decent site that has a lot of the functionalities of ImgFlip but with a better interface to work with. It comes with a lot of different effects that you can add on to the GIFs. It also lets you take control of the brightness, hue, contrast and saturation of your GIF. It also has a gallery of animated GIFs that you can explore although do take note that some of the images are NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work).

Other service(s) include:


8. BlogGIF

BlogGIF is a fun site that allows you to do more than just put together a regular animated GIF. It is also made up of various other features such as adding effects to your GIF and even creating your own GIF slideshow. In addition, you can also decompose one of your favorite animated GIFs into several frames with a handy online tool. And if that’s not enough, if you want to channel your inner Spielberg, you can even try the Webcam GIF function that lets you capture pictures with your webcam and create your very own mini movie.


9. GIFUp

Like the various other sites, GIFUp provides the basic functions that you would need to turn your images into a GIF that’s easy to use and share and can be compared to Loogix and Picasion. The navigation of the site is fairly simple, so you shouldn’t have problems in creating your own GIF’s. You can upload your chosen images from your desktop, Flickr or any regular website that you’d like. This is a decent option for when you need it.

10. MemeCenter’s GIF Maker

If you’re a big fan of memes then you probably know of MemeCenter. The good thing about the site is that it probably has the best UI overall, which makes it a lot more convenient when you want to create a GIF. The MemeCenter’s GIFMaker allows you to insert additional text and even brush strokes into your GIF to give it a more personalized touch.

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